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Detox: The First Step Towards Recovery

For many people with a drug and alcohol addiction it is necessary that they go through detoxification, or detox before they can proceed to rehab treatment or move beyond their substance abuse.  Making the decision to enter a detox facility may be difficult, especially if the person does not fully understand the detoxification process.


Overcoming Heroin Addiction

In 2009, more than 600,000 people over the age of 12 had tried heroin in the U.S. according to statistics released by SAMHSA. Moreover, NIDA estimates that at least 9 million individuals struggle with addiction to the drug.


Crisis in America: Prescription Drug Addiction

The billboard in Indiana announced, “Every 25 minutes someone dies from prescription drug overdose.” As shocking as that may sound…according to the Partnership for a Drug Free World, prescription drug abuse claims a life every 19 minutes. What’s more, the CDC states that 100 people die every day from the same – which is a rate of one every 14.4 minutes.


Addicted to Suboxone

Suboxone is a medication used in addiction treatment such as to prescription painkillers including OxyContin, Fentanyl, Percocet and Morphine, and also in treating Heroin addiction.


Research on Alcohol and Drug Detox

As the war against substance abuse continues and millions of people struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, there is a growing need for safe and effective detox. Studies show that there has been a vast amount of research driven to discover the best methods for detox available that are not only safe and effective but also deliver the greatest rate of success.


Single Mothers and Alcohol Abuse

Single mothers with alcohol abuse are a dichotomy for the simple fact that it is in a mother’s nature to be a nurturer and alcohol abuse as a general rule is a destructive behavior. Alcoholism does not pick and choose who it affects. It does not apply only to certain income brackets, race, religious preference, age or nationality, but it can affect anyone; even single mothers.


Dealing with Darvocet Addiction

Although the FDA pulled all drugs containing the ingredient propoxyphene, including Darvocet from the market in 2010, the effects of the drug are still being felt. Despite being unavailable in the U.S. and Europe, many people have resorted to purchasing the drug in Mexico or from other countries or from illegal online pharmacies.


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